#SaturdaySession Health & Hygiene

What the GEMZ learned at today's session.

I learned about personal & sensitive parts in the male and female body and how they function. -Oyinlola Olabode-George

Today in GEMZ I learned that certain things going on in my body are normal. - Jane

Today in GEMZ, I learned how to take care of my body. Taking care of my self is essential n becoming a beautiful young lady. - Tiffany.

I learned that good products for our body and the best way to use it. - Oyinlola Olabode-George

I learned more about the reproductive system! Also, I learned more able products I should use. - Anne. 

I learned that a female has millions of eggs. I learned that when you have sex the male puts in 2 million sperms in your body. - Bolu.