Inspire, Re-Ignite and the GenX Ladies Brunch in January

Ladies. Wow! It is with great honor and humility that I send you this message. 

As you all recall, when I sent a message earlier this year about wanting to host a Ladies Night Out for women specifically between the ages of 35 to 45 then (extended to 50 years now), it was simply out of obeying a nudge I felt within my spirit. I had a sudden burden for women that are considered the GENERATION X demography. I realized most women within this group fall into two categories:

  • First category are women that feel completely satisfied with themselves, fulfilled and are clear with their purpose and currently walking in it.

  • The second category, (which I observed are a lot more) are women who are not completely fulfilled, some did at some point but lost it when life happened, some are questioning themselves every now and then, some feel they have wasted time and have learned to adapt.

The plan was we'll get together, inspire each other, re-ignite the passions we once had and just have a GREAT TIME, and we definitely did.  It was so obvious that everyone walked in with a common goal. The feedback was incredibly inspiring and has fueled the second event, our Ladies Power Brunch in Jan.  THE GENX group will be ran under a non-profit organization, THE GEMZ, that I have been opportuned to run  for some years now.

 I am on this journey of living an authentic life, living a life of being the best I can be without holding back. Oh, and did I mention that I saw myself in the second category of women I described above. I went through this phase where I felt I've wasted time, I had let myself off the hook and went into a dormant state for literally about 10 years. What I then realized is, those years I felt I was dormant, was actually probably preparing me for the next phase of my life. It's sort of the illustration of a butterfly that was a cocoon for a long time before it fully emerged into a beautiful butterfly. I want to invite you to this journey of living authentically, living joyfully, truly living and not existing.  I don't have a full picture of exactly where this will lead to, it might be for a season, a reason or for a long time, but I believe that if we believe that god orders our steps, or actions or nudge, we just have to follow his lead.

Before I go on too long, I want to use this opportunity to invite you (though i have reached out to you personally already) about the GenX Power Brunch. I am super excited about this gathering again. I can't say much but I want to promise you that you don't want to miss it (you can attest to this based on the last one.).) A lot of you have registered already and anticipating to start the new year with a bang and of course, have a great time with other like-minded, professional women.

The early bird registration of $50 ends in a few days, now October 28th to be precise. This is to give you an option to get in before we open it up to others.  After the 28th, we will open up registration to others ($60) and close it out shortly to give ample time to plan.

I want to urge you (if you do plan to attend) to not put this on the 'I’ll do it later list", or "I’ll think about it later list" or have the "I’ll ask for an extension “mindset.  A lot of planning is in progress and in other to effectively accomplish the vision, we have to close out completely shortly. Some of you shared from the last session that you would love to have the opportunity to invite other ladies or friends that you feel will love to be a part of this, we have made arrangements to accommodate some more people but still within the intimate setting, feel free to invite your friend(s) and they can register with the same early bird registration rate you get before it goes up.

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a powerful day!!

Thanks and look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and belief



If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.
— Thomas Edison

#SaturdaySession Health & Hygiene

What the GEMZ learned at today's session.

I learned about personal & sensitive parts in the male and female body and how they function. -Oyinlola Olabode-George

Today in GEMZ I learned that certain things going on in my body are normal. - Jane

Today in GEMZ, I learned how to take care of my body. Taking care of my self is essential n becoming a beautiful young lady. - Tiffany.

I learned that good products for our body and the best way to use it. - Oyinlola Olabode-George

I learned more about the reproductive system! Also, I learned more able products I should use. - Anne. 

I learned that a female has millions of eggs. I learned that when you have sex the male puts in 2 million sperms in your body. - Bolu.