ADEOLA ARIYO is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and an aspiring author. She’s very passionate about inspiring people to live a fulfilled life and driven by women and children empowerment.

Although trained as a Software Engineer, she’s always been involved in mentoring and tutoring the youth since her early years. She believes strongly in the importance of having a mentor to help guide, nurture and develop and above all which led to the birth of THE GEMZ, Inc. Adeola is passionate about living a life of legacy by making an impact in the lives of others. Her motto is to live and not merely exist.

She is married with 3 adorable sons and currently resides in Greenbelt, Maryland.




MS. ADEOLA: We believe that every woman is precious and valuable with special qualities that make her unique. We at THE GEMZ believe that with proper guidance and nurture, every girl can fully recognize her unique talents, be confident and have a healthy self-esteem.

What are your goals for the Gemz Inc? 

MS. ADEOLA: My goal for the youth arm of GEMZ is to develop a new generation of confident, responsible and purpose driven young female leaders who have a healthy self-esteem.